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Haven't posted here for a while. I guess I gave up on it. Like I give up on everything! Because I am too dysfunctional even to do things I enjoy, let alone fulfill my actual responsibilities!

(I don't know why screaming self-deprecating tirades like this into the void is so appealing in this venue. Maybe because there's nowhere else i can do it.)

Anyway, all my functional friends are doing this National Novel Writing Month thing. Obviously I have no hope of being together enough to do that. But I thought maybe i could do my own private National Coping Month, where every day I do something i have been putting off for weeks and then blog about it here. National Coping and Journaling Month. NaCoJoMo. Except it's not national; I'm not even planning to tell anyone else I'm doing it because I'm so fucking embarrassed about the kinds of things I've been letting slide. So more of a PerCoJoMo.

Today's thing was doing that with project I've been putting off. Tomorrow's thing will be the OTHER with project I've been putting off. God, I'm such an irresponsible shithead.
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I was feeling pretty good today! I had a meeting with my boss where I explained a bunch of stuff I was going to do. My boss didn't even ask me about all the shit I was supposed to have been doing for the last week. I came out of the meeting ready to be productive!

Then I once again didn't do a single thing. Fuck me.
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So here's what I did today: I called in sick to get an extra day so I'd have SOMETHING to show my boss, and then I did--guess what?--absolutely nothing! This may be a new low.

This has been an impressive week for me, procrastination-wise. I think I may actually have gone the entire week without getting a single work thing done. I mean, that takes dedication. I've definitely put in my 10,000 hours on procrastinating. I guess I should make that my new career. You'd think I'd get bored of it.


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